We strive hard to give the right product at right time to our clients. We focus on building relationship by offering best in class products in hydraulics & pneumatics.


Our products are designed and manufactured with precision tools which meets international standards. We engineer our products to handle wear & tear at extreme conditions. We test our products constantly to improve quality.


We have years of experience in meeting customer needs with excellent guidance on analyzing requirements and product selection. Being the largest stockist we thrive to satisfy our clients with unmatched expertise.


We constantly innovate to give our clients the best in hydraulics & pneumatics. We innovate to improve efficiency, get customer satisfaction and to meet industry standards. Innovation is our key to success.

Our Major Products

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Our Associated Company

Deep Sea Pipes & Fittings Trading

We are Importer, Exporter & Stockist of Marine, Industrial Valves, Pipe Fittings & Flanges. We have Gate, Globe, Check, Strainer, Ball, Butterfly, Safty, Pressure reducing valves, Pipe fittings & Flanges etc., of stainless steel, brass, bronze, cast iron, cast steel and forged steel. Our valves, pipe fittings & flanges comply with BS, ANSI , JIS, DIN & API standards. Our product supplies include to ferrous, non-ferrous CASTING MATERIALS and general hardware.

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About Us

We are a progressive leading engineering company committed to providing the clients with a comprehensive range of products since 30 years which spans usage in multifarious industries spanning gas processing, hydraulics & pneumatics, mobile hydraculics, power supply, oil & gas, chemicals.

We start by focusing on a culture that encourages innovation and leadership. We feel that a business that is organized well with the right people in charge is always going to be more successful than anything else.

One of our greatest values is to make sure that we are always there with an answer for all of our clients. We serve people all around india and elsewhere by providing information on all the different products that we have to offer and what we have in stock. We especially take pride in our strong inventory service where we have full information on every single product that we have available at a given time. We want to be fast and capable of giving everyone the best solutions for their needs.