Bladder Accumulators – ASME

ASME accumulators can be supplied to suit a wide range of applications including hydrostatic bearings, lubricating oil supplies, chucking systems on machine tools, safety and emergency braking systems and many more.


Shell: Chromium-molybdenum steel. seamless shell, designed and manufactured to ASME VIII Div 1 U stamped.

Working Pressure:- 207, 276, 345, 420 and 459 bar.

Witness hydro-pneumatic pressure tests:

All our accumulator shells are pressure tested. An additional hydro-pneumatic pressure test on the complete accumulator can be undertaken with or without a specific inspection authority as an optional extra.

Material Certification: Available on request for all major pressure loaded parts.

Finish: One Coat Primer paint as standard. Special paints available.

Bladder: Totally enclosed construction with an extensive range of elastomers available.

Fluid port assembly: Integral high-flow port and poppet valve assembly with an anti-extrusion ring.

Safety: All gas-loaded accumulators are pressurised vessels and it is recommended that safety consideration be given to the applications in which they are used. A relief valve should always be fitted to the hydraulic system with the option of a burst disc to protect the accumulator. If there is a fire risk in the vicinity of the accumulator then a fusible/eutectic plug should be fitted.